A Peek Inside Model Agencies

One of the highlights of our Hamburg trip was visiting our model agencies. Three of our agencies, Modelwerk, Mega Model Agency and Kult Model Agency, are in Hamburg and we were thrilled to meet the people behind in person.


Our first stop was Modelwerk. We’ve been working with Modelwerk for quite some time now. We found models Jan, Nastya, Aljoscha, Katharina and Cornelia through Modelwerk. The lovely people at Modelwerk even arranged a model casting for us – it was so much fun, getting to meet and chat with different models from all around the world.

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Our next stop was Mega Model Agency. We found the lovely Melina through Mega Model Agency. She has been modeling for our client dielmann since the beginning of this year. Our booker Felix kindly showed us around the agency and gave us a lot of insider tips.

FOOB_Blog_Model_Agencies_07 FOOB_Blog_Model_Agencies_08 FOOB_Blog_Model_Agencies_09 FOOB_Blog_Model_Agencies_10

Last but not least, we visited Kult Model Agency. Niko, easily one of our favorite models who has worked with us for the longest time, is represented by Kult, an agency that specializes in male models.

It was such a surreal experience to visit the model agencies. We could understand more fully about how the whole system worked. Thank you Modelwerk, Mega Model Agency and Kult Model Agency for letting us take a peek into what goes on behind the scenes!

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