Christmas Trip in Cologne

This year, as a part of our office Christmas celebration, we decided to go to Cologne to visit a former colleague of ours who is based in Cologne.


The day started with a wonderful English and American style breakfest from Herr Pimock. We also visited Walther König, a bookstore specializing in art & design books with its headquarters in Cologne.

Herr Pimock
Aachener Str. 52,
50674 Cologne

Walther König
Ehrenstraße 4,
50672 Cologne

koeln_02 koeln_03

The highlight of the trip was definitely visiting the Kolumba art museum. Founded by the Society of Christian Art in 1853, the museum was originally located near the Cologne Cathedral. It moved to its current location, former church of St. Columba, in 2003. Heavily destroyed during the World War II, the building was redesigned by Peter Zumthor. What makes the museum unique is the combination of older gothic structure and the modern structure Zumthor brought in.

Kolumba Art Museum
Kolumbastraße 4,
50667 Cologne

It was a lot of fun to explore new things in Cologne and spend some quality time with our coworkers. We’re already looking forward to our trip next year!

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