Every year around this time, the FOOB team goes on trip to experience new things and to get some inspiration. This year, we headed to Hamburg and spent a few days exploring the harbor city.


We got extremely lucky with the weather – it was over 25 degrees and sunny the whole time. We also got to experience the Hafengeburtstag, a festival celebrating the harbor’s 827th birthday. It was a very fun and festive atmosphere all around.


What was also interesting about Hamburg was the Portuguese quarter. Hamburg has a whole quarter full of Portuguese restaurants and cafés, and it almost felt like we weren’t in Germany anymore. Oh, and did I mention that the food was amazing there? We ate until we couldn’t eat anymore (true story).

FOOB_Blog_Hamburg_13 FOOB_Blog_Hamburg_14 FOOB_Blog_Hamburg_15 FOOB_Blog_Hamburg_16

Another highlight of the trip was visiting Blankenese, a city part of Hamburg that used to be an independent town. It’s know as one of the most affluent areas in Germany and once you see that view of the river, it’s easy to understand why. It was just perfect to take a long walk on the riverside with a bottle of beer on hand.

Thank you Hamburg, for a wonderful experience and great memories! We’ll be back for sure.

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