Kenzo x H&M

Being what we are and doing what we do, being on top of the latest fashion trends one of our main focuses. We’re big fans of H&M and designer collaborations over here, and were of course super excited to hear about the Kenzo x H&M collection. These designer collaborations have been good to us in the past years – we used them for a lot of photoshootings. Kenzo, famous for its tiger and flower prints, as well as powerful and strong colors, didn’t disappoint. This collaboration, directed by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, launched on November 6th.

Of course, we were right there to experience it all. And yes, we were one of those “silly” people who camp out outside of the store to be the first to get their hands on the latest goodies. Well, not quite, since we got to the H&M store in Frankfurt around 4:30 AM, but still, not too bad, right? For the so-crazy-it’s-so-good clothes, shoes and accessories, we couldn’t miss the chance.


And ta-da – our goodies. Aren’t they glorious? We absolutely can’t wait until we see them on our models next year. Stay tuned!

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